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Put yourself in the shoes of a new employee for a second. You are eager to begin a new job. You show up for your first day and sit through a boring video, several manuals, and stacks of documents to fill out. Then, you are sent through a series of training sessions before ever being allowed to contribute in your new role. Chances are you switched jobs to reenergize your career. And now your first days on the new job are proving to be no different than your last days at your former job.

What is gamification in training?

Gamification in training is the process of applying gaming designs and concepts to learning or training sessions in order to make them more engaging and entertaining for your employees. And instead of being taught through lesson plans, individuals learn through interactive gamification. This creates a more rewarding learning environment and is more interactive.


Benefits of gamification over other training methods

So now that they you know what gamification in training is, why is it better than other onboarding methods? We’ll give you some of the pros to using gamification in training and why it works.

At first glance, the definition of microlearning is simple. Microlearning is an approach to training characterized by brief learning modules comprising bite-sized learning activities delivered over mobile devices and designed for quick consumption. They are built in chunks, between three and ten minutes long — short enough to keep a learner’s attention focused from beginning to end. And they are served up just in time at the point of contact — exactly when and where they are needed.

Brief. Bite-sized. Chunks. Just in time. There they are, four simple ideas that will appear in any definition of microlearning you’re likely to find. But they are deceptively simple.

Read our insights on Mirolearning.

For the last 2.5 years LOCI has been designing innovations for safety training in partnership with Seaspan, one of Canada’s largest ship-building and marine transport companies, and industry leaders when it comes to workplace safety.

With the sole purpose of making people safer by turning instructions into instinct, we designed a new way to share training and instructions that people actually remember. LOCI combines modern discoveries in neuroscience about how the brain navigates and remembers with ancient memory-building techniques and gamification. The result is a learning experience that’s up to eight times more memorable than verbal or written instruction.

Earlier this year in March, we were preparing to roll out the new training system at Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyard. And then the global pandemic hit.

Suddenly, managing fire safety for large numbers of people in the same space wasn’t high on anyone’s priority list. Our roadmap went out the window and the team and I decided to find a way to use LOCI to help people stay safe during this new worldwide emergency.

We researched and brainstormed, and it hit us: a virus is just like an invisible fire. The coronavirus spreads quickly and, without the right training, people tend to panic and make mistakes.

Through the development of our training software we know what it takes to make safety memorable. Information does not equal learning, and simply reading or being told something does very little to change behaviour.

That’s why we decided to create GSI: Germ Scene Investigation, a game that quickly teaches people what they need to know about coronavirus germs so they can make smarter, safer choices in their daily lives. The game references CSI (get it?) and gets players to think like a forensic detective on the hunt for germs, scientific evidence, and life-saving answers to important questions about germ safety. The familiar reference piggybacks new information onto what you already know to store it deep in your memory, making GSI a more effective way of learning COVID-safe facts.

We believe GSI: Germ Scene Investigation can bridge the gap between information and knowledge, which is why we’ve released it to the world completely FREE to play. We hope people all over the world play the game and learn how to confidently do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19. Try it for yourself! Play HERE

A gap analysis can help us understand our current safety shortcomings and help us prioritize our needs and efforts to best address them. A gap analysis is designed to promote safety and eliminate incidents in your business, leading to improved productivity and profitability.

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