For Employees

Safety training only works when it’s memorable. Provide engaging and empowering safety education to reduce workplace accidents, minimize injuries and save lives. 




For Guests

Teach vital evacuation knowledge to visitors in seconds before they enter your premises. Designed for offices, hotels, events and just about anywhere people come and go.

For Administrators

Above and beyond safety without any extra effort. The drag-and-drop course builder, insights and reports streamline your safety program and reduce the cost of compliance.



Loci connects people to the places they’re in through digital tools that work in harmony with the human brain. With Loci, wayfinding becomes wayknowing and instructions become instinct.

Our mission is to make people smarter and safer wherever they go. This is why we built SafetyCheck, an innovative teaching platform that makes safety training and compliance intuitive, effective and efficient.

Now you can keep everyone safe with training modules for new staff, existing employees and guests. With transparency and accountability built into the system, SafetyCheck ensures no one will fall through the cracks on your watch.


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